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Keep track of the progress on your job applications! Getting a job can be tough, tracking your applications should not.

» Built With: React, Redux, Firebase, ExpressJs, Redis, Puppeteer, Node-cron.

About Me

I am Noble Obioma, a full-stack software engineer, a lover of music, and a baby bassist. My ultimate passion is building performant and reliable web-based applications to solve problems and tackling new problems.
I am a Certified AWS Solutions Architect – Associate with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and have experience working in cross-functional teams. For fun, I enjoy listening to music and play a few instruments myself (the piano, and a bass guitar), I also love traveling and exploring beautiful places.

Here’s a few technologies I have been working with:


>_ CSS

>_ React

>_ NodeJs

>_ PostgreSQL

>_ MongoDB

>_ JavaScript

>_ TypeScript

>_ Python

>_ Express

>_ Amazon Web Services(AWS)



Multi-User Dungeon Game (MUD)

A Full-Stack multiplayer real-time virtual world web application. Players can transverse rooms (North, South, East, West), view descriptions of rooms, and chat with other players in the same room.

» Built With: React, Redux, Django, Pusher


Acknowledge the awesome work done by your co-workers.

» Built With: React, Redux, ExpressJs, PostgreSQL, Knex, React-Testing-Library, Slack API.

Other Projects


Find jobs by matching users with companies. Tinder for Jobs

» Built With: Node/ExpressJs, PostgreSQL, Knex, Jest


Politico enables citizens give their mandate to politicians running for different government offices while building trust in the process through transparency.

» Built With: Vanilla JavaScript, ExpressJs

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